Saturday, April 16, 2016

17 weeks & Stress

I'm just going to start off by saying thank goodness its Friday. This week has been really hard! I completely overdid it trying to clean and then celebrate the hubs birthday. Then I didn't order my med refill in enough time and was unmedicated for about 36 hours which ended in a marathon puke-fest and an emotional break down. The good news is the meds really are helping and I know that now, and the crying made me feel better. Apparently its been a little stressful around here!!! I'm also getting some crazy heartburn that Pepcid just isn't even coming close to touching. I am going to see Dr. M on Monday and I'm hoping he can give me something else. Also I'm 17 weeks!

17 weeks (please ignore the dirty mirror!)

And for some crazy reason (her class is doing a dance performance) even though my 5 yr old is afternoon Kindergarten, she has to go to the morning class 3 days next week! Its just frustrating because I had appointments scheduled weeks in advance on 2 of the 3 days. I  scheduled them on purpose thinking she'd be at school. Nope. I had to not only find a sitter for Emmett, but find someone to pick up Amelia from school and then keep her until I get back. And of course both appointments are an hour away. And the school only sent home a notice yesterday. - the Thursday before. Ugh. I figured it out, but it was craziness yesterday.

Poor Emmett is teething too. So he's been following me around whiny and grumpy. Which is just not like him at all. He is just such a happy and mellow kid usually. And every time I have to lay down (which is quite a bit because did I mention not only am I battling regular pregnancy fatigue, but a side effect of 2 of my meds is fatigue? True story!) he starts yelling, "no mommy!" over and over and over again because he wants me to walk around holding him all day. Poor kid. Charlotte has been so good playing with him and holding him and distracting him. And fortunately for me, he usually takes a 2-3 hr nap right after Amelia goes to school, so usually I take a nap then too. So I do get help and breaks.

Speaking of help and breaks, Jorge is amazing! He has always been one to jump in and help, but this pregnancy he's been amazing. He was in a different department/position at work when I was pregnant with Emmett so he wasn't around much. He travelled for work a TON and so friends from church basically helped me survive. And Jorge's brother had just moved close to us so he helped a ton too. But because Jorge wasn't around much, I was a little worried he'd feel overwhelmed by this pregnancy and how much he'd have to do. But I don't know why I was worried! He has been a rock star! There have been no judgements. Only kindness and help and patience. He's the best. I knew there was a reason I married him!

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