Monday, April 4, 2016

15 weeks and feeling anxious

I am 15 w2d. Its been 3 weeks since I've had a checkup and I'm feeling anxious. I know for "normal" women its no big deal to go this long in between appointments. But for me, it causes so much anxiety. I see the Perinatoogist on Wednesday morning. I really have no reason to think the worst except my past experience, but I'm still freaking out. Jorge gave me a blessing last night and I felt such a strong peaceful feeling that everything is OK. I'm trying to hold on to that feeling. I think I'll make sure my appointments aren't so far apart next time.

15 weeks

In other news I am struggling with my wardrobe. I lost 60 lbs after I had Emmett so none of the maternity clothes I wore with him fit. I have an awesome girlfriend who gave me all her maternity clothes, but not all of it fits me even though its my size. You know how that is. We are just different body shapes. But there are a few basics that fit and I'm so completely grateful for them. I can't imagine investing in another wardrobe I'll only wear for a few more months -especially since this is absolutely our last baby. But seriously! Why do the makers of maternity wear think women who are pregnant want everyone to see their larger than life boobs & thighs? Maybe some women want to show off the extra weight gain, but I sure don't! I tried to find an Easter dress and EVERY dress I tried on (at like 4 different stores) barely came mid-thigh.  Boo.

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