Tuesday, March 22, 2016

13 Weeks & A Nasty Cold

So I'm 13 weeks & I have a nasty cold. I started to have a sore throat Sunday afternoon and was just all around achy. I woke up yesterday feeling compleyely miserable. And today is even worse. Sore throat, headache, tired, body aches, stuffy nose and low grade fever. Blech. I guess the only plus is that because I am so stuffy, I can't smell or taste anything and so I'm not really too nauseated right now. Yay for a break from HG! But boo for just feeling terrible.

13 weeks

Jorge is working late tonight and tomorrow night. It might be cereal for the kids for dinner then. They'll be so happy! I have carpool duty today and tomorrow. Good thing I don't have to get out of the car for that. I'm still in the pj's I put on Sunday after church. Gross, I know. I don't have the energy to shower.

But look what Jorge brought home for me last night! After 9+ years of marriage, THIS must mean love!!!

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