Thursday, February 11, 2016


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Shock of a lifetime!! I guess Sherman the Cyst was our good luck charm. The Dr. told me I wouldn't likely get pregnant or even have a period this month due to the cyst. So a few days before I took a home pregnancy test, I started to get really bad heartburn.  Finally I decided, well, I still haven't had a period, I might as well take a test "just in case". Hahaha....

I was shocked!!! No fertility meds, I had a huge cyst, and the stars aligned perfectly. Jorge was so excited! I was so excited! That is until I started having the "heartburn" more frequently. Dum dum dum... Welcome morning sickness at only 5 weeks pregnant! What?!?

I HATE being pregnant. I LOVE the little amazing person that I get after enduring a pregnancy. But pregnancy is not easy for me. Not by any means. I don't get regular morning sickness. I get Hyperemesis Gravidarum - an extremely terrible and debilitating disease. I can't just eat crackers and sip ginger ale and feel better. I vomit dozens of times a day. I lose drastic amounts of weight. I am like death warmed over. Why did we think this was a great idea again? Ugh. And here I am not at 6 weeks 2 days soon sick and dreading the next 20 or so weeks of my life.

But I remind myself (almost hourly it seems) that God is in control. I am following what I felt prompted to do. No matter the outcome, my faith is in Him. And hopefully we will get another cute baby. And we make really cute babies!

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