Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sherman the Ovarian Cyst

So not only am I NOT pregnant, but an unwanted visitor has been attached to my left ovary for a while. Meet Sherman the Cyst. Yes, I named him.

My period showed up 5 days early. That was not the way I wanted to find out I wasn't pregnant! Especially because we were out of town and I was completely unprepared. I had to make a late night "supplies" run. Ugh.

On Day 3 of my cycle I went in to do a baseline ultrasound so we could begin another cycle of treatment. Instead, I was greeted by Sherman. He is almost 4 cm in size. And because I have a blood clotting disorder, I can't take birth control to shrink him down. I just have to wait it out and hope my body figures out how to get him to go away. I asked the Nurse Practitioner how long it might take. Her response was, "One month hopefully. Possibly 6 months or more. Call us when you get your next period. Have a Merry Christmas!" Seriously?!?!?

And so now here we are. It's day 22 of my cycle. I might get a period next week sometime or I might not. It's likely I won't. And then we'll have to induce a period and cross our fingers Sherman has disappeared.

I've been thinking... It's the waiting around that kills us infertility patients! There is endless waiting around. Waiting for our cycle to begin, waiting for the meds to work, waiting for our bodies to respond. Then there's the infamous two week wait (2ww) until we can find out if all that waiting worked. We wait month after month for a positive test. And then if we ever DO get pregnant (and it sticks!!), it takes 9 more months of waiting to get the baby into our arms! I hate waiting!!!! They say curiosity killed the cat. Nope. It was waiting.

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