Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Color Palettes I'm Loving: Turquoise, Coral, Red and Buttercup

I first saw this color palette as I was looking for inspiration for the Vintage Carnival Invitations I was designing earlier this year.  I loved the idea of using all these bold color together. Unfortunately, (for me!) the bride didn't share the same vision for her wedding and wanted only shades of pinks and reds. I figured it was her wedding and two out of my four wasn't bad, so we went with what she wanted. ;)

But I was reminded of this color palette as I was going through my inspiration folder the other night. Oh how I still love it! Although the summer is quickly fading, these deep, rich colors are surely still appropriate for a late summer/early fall wedding. Here are some ideas for a wedding using this color palette and not a carnival theme wedding.

Seriously, how awesome is that cake and those invitations? LOVE!

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