Monday, August 20, 2012

5 DIY Party Decoration Tutorials

Since this month is Birthday Central over here, I thought I'd bring together some awesome tutorials for DIY decorations. Make sure to click the links provided to find the tutorial instructions!

These DIY Flower Lights from Oh Happy Day are awesome! They are made out of cupcake liners and a regular strand of lights. They're also super easy to make. Definitely a bonus when something this cute takes minimal effort and time! So sweet! Click here for the tutorial! Jordan has many more awesome Party decoration tutorials you should definitely check out while you're at her site.

I saw the super cute DIY paper plate baskets over at Sarah Hearts and I fell in love! Seriously, how cute would these be at a baby shower? Oh, I am just imagining all the possibilities! See the entire video tutorial here.

Looking for something a little more fancy than regular streamers? How about ruffled streamers from Made? These are so cute! They would be awesome at any party. See the tutorial here.

Birthday Banners (also known as bunting) seem all the rage right now. I've seen many tutorials on many different blogs. But then I saw this tutorial from Family Ever After. I love that it is 3-dimensional! So cute!

I saw these fabric flowers over at Snowy Bliss and I fell in love! They are so rustic and charming. You should choose your own color combination and the best part? You can use them again! Since the flowers are fabric, they would be so cute on a coffee table or a night stand. These particular flowers ended up decorating the workspace in the author's studio. Awesome! See the tutorial here.

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