Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August's 5th FREE Printable - Water Bottle Wraps

For August's last free printable, I decided to go with the cupcake birthday theme and design some water bottle wraps. I've seen these all over Etsy and various party planning sites. Hope you like them! 

To get, as always, click on the photo and save to desktop. Print on standard 8.5 x 11 inch white paper. (You want to use paper so it will wrap nicely.) Cut along the solid lines. Remove the label from the water bottle you are using. Wrap the water bottle with the wrapper and secure with a piece of clear tape. Voila! To see all August's FREE printables, click here.

Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY Cupcake Gift Tags

To make these adorable tags, use the Free Cupcake Toppers Printable here. Simply cut out the circles and glue the white sides together. Instead of inserting a toothpick to make it a cupcake topper, hole punch the top, run colorful bakers twine through the hole and attach to your gift! (FYI - the circles are 1.5 x 1.5 inch. This was a mini gift bag so it does not appear to scale!)

GIVEAWAY UPDATE: We have a winner for the Birthday Bash Giveaway! The winner has been notified by email. Thanks again for all those who participated. It was a lot of fun! Check back soon for more fun giveaways!

Friday, August 24, 2012

5 Minute Fridays: My Birthday Celebration

My hubby surprised me with an awesome trip to Long Beach where we stayed on the Queen Mary, ate out, watched movies, walked along the coast, visited the Aquarium of the Pacific and basically enjoyed our 2 days sans children. It was just what the Dr. ordered!

My hubby is the best! It was seriously the best way to spend my 30th birthday. The experience was unique and it was totally a surprise! I had no idea where we were going until we drove into the Port of Long Beach. I love surprises! So I've included a few pics of the trip. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Queen Mary at night

My favorite pic from the aquarium

My birthday cupcake! Lemon of course! From Frosted Cupcakery

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last Day for the Giveaway!!

This has been such a fun past few weeks! I've loved the opportunity to run a giveaway and I'm incredibly grateful for all those who have participated. Especially for the sponsors. In case you missed it, check out the sponsor introductions page here. (Items in the giveaway are pictured below).

If you haven't gotten a chance to enter yet, have no fear! You can still enter through 11:59 pm PST today. Click here to enter! The winner will be randomly chosen using on August 24 and notified within 72 hours.

Good luck!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August FREE Printable #4 - thank you tags

Dankee. Merci. Grazie. Toda. Arigato. Salamat po. Tesekk├╝r ederim. Gracias. Thank You. Saying thank you is important in all languages. In fact, a study performed by Adam M. Grant and Francesco Gino and published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Grant & Gino, 2010) shows that saying thank you is more than just good manners. Saying thank you strengthens social relationships, encourages prosocial behavior and can help us cope with stressful times in our lives. AND it's good a manners! (See the entire article from PsychCentral here)

So, for August's FREE Printable #4, I have created 3 simple thank you tags. These can be used for hang tags on party favor bags or can be attached to a thank you gift of your choice. Of course they match August Printables #1, #2 & #3 in style and pattern. Feel free to use them all together to create a cute Cupcake themed party!

To get these FREE printables, click on the photo. Save to your desktop. Print as many times as you want on white standard 8.5 x 11 inch card stock. Cut along the solid lines. Use a standard hole-punch for the hole. Tie with ribbon. Voila! Don't forget to check out all our FREE printables!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Color Palettes I'm Loving: Red & Orange

I love the fall and I love fall weddings! One of my favorite fall color palettes is red and orange. Check out the beautiful fall red and orange-inspired wedding ideas I've been crushing on. Hope you love them as much as I do!

photo via

photo via

photo via

photo via

Monday, August 20, 2012

5 DIY Party Decoration Tutorials

Since this month is Birthday Central over here, I thought I'd bring together some awesome tutorials for DIY decorations. Make sure to click the links provided to find the tutorial instructions!

These DIY Flower Lights from Oh Happy Day are awesome! They are made out of cupcake liners and a regular strand of lights. They're also super easy to make. Definitely a bonus when something this cute takes minimal effort and time! So sweet! Click here for the tutorial! Jordan has many more awesome Party decoration tutorials you should definitely check out while you're at her site.

I saw the super cute DIY paper plate baskets over at Sarah Hearts and I fell in love! Seriously, how cute would these be at a baby shower? Oh, I am just imagining all the possibilities! See the entire video tutorial here.

Looking for something a little more fancy than regular streamers? How about ruffled streamers from Made? These are so cute! They would be awesome at any party. See the tutorial here.

Birthday Banners (also known as bunting) seem all the rage right now. I've seen many tutorials on many different blogs. But then I saw this tutorial from Family Ever After. I love that it is 3-dimensional! So cute!

I saw these fabric flowers over at Snowy Bliss and I fell in love! They are so rustic and charming. You should choose your own color combination and the best part? You can use them again! Since the flowers are fabric, they would be so cute on a coffee table or a night stand. These particular flowers ended up decorating the workspace in the author's studio. Awesome! See the tutorial here.

Friday, August 17, 2012

30 Things You Didn't Know About Me On My 30th Birthday

photo via

1. My real birthday is tomorrow.
2. I've never ever tried smoking, alcohol or any illegal drugs. EVER. Just was never appealing to me.
3. I started college the week I turned 17. I graduated high school a year early but everyone in my class thought I'd run off and gotten pregnant. (See #21!)
4. I don't like reading books or watching movies more than once.
5. I have 2 toenails on each of my pinkie toes Gross, I know! I inherited that from my paternal grandmother. I always get harassed about it when I'm getting a pedicure.
6. I have moved 7 times in the 5 1/2 years we've been married. Mostly it was just to different apartments, but we have lived in 3 different cities too.
7. I played the clarinet and was in the marching band in high school.
8. I took a ballet class in college for a PE credit.
9.  I passed out at about mile 12 during the first marathon I attempted to run. I woke up in an ambulance.
10. I come from a family with 4 boys and 3 girls (including me!) and we all have red hair. Seriously! We're like the real-life Weasley family. Except without the magic.
11. I was in a gifted & talented program in elementary school. I was bussed out to another school one day a week from 4th - 6th grade.
12. I once won an invention contest with my Soap Grabber. It was a tomato stake (for a handle) attached to a fishing net (for a scoop). It was so you didn't have to bend over too far if you dropped the soap in the shower. I think they just liked that the pitch was geared towards "saving the backs of the elderly". Funny, huh? I think I was 8.
13. I can't stand scallops or calamari, but I love sushi. Unagi is my favorite.
14. I don't like drinking plain water. I prefer flavored water or Crystal Light. I hardly ever drink soda.
15. I'm allergic to chocolate. I get migraines and hives if I eat it.
16. I do not like shopping. I don't mind grocery shopping, but any other kind, I detest.
17. I am not a morning person. I do not like to be awake before about 8am. Too bad all that sleeping in ended once I had kids. Why is it that most kids I know wake up before the sun? UGH.
18. The 2 things I hate the most in life are vomiting and waking up in the middle of the night to pee. Pregnancy and I really just weren't meant to be friends.
19. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was in a graduate program to earn my elementary teaching certificate. I ended up on bed rest by 29 weeks. Instead of giving me incompletes, my sweet professors let me do independent study and finish my student teaching in the fall after my daughter was born. In fact, one professor came to my apartment on a weekly basis to give me that week's lecture. We lived in a studio apartment then, so imagine me hanging out in bed while my professor gave me the lecture. She was such a sweet lady! She even brought me daffodils after my daughter was born. I loved the program. :)
20. We wanted 6 or 7 kids. Too bad nature had other plans. :(
21. I didn't have my first kiss until I was 22.
22. I hatched a chick from an incubator in my 3rd grade science class and we got to take it home. It died a few months later despite our best efforts. My dad got a little obsessed figuring out what happened and next thing we knew, we were running a full-fledged poultry farm.
23. I'm an Army brat, although my dad got out when I was about 6 or so. 3 of my 4 older siblings were born while my dad was stationed in Germany.
24. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a nun when I grew up. But I was never Catholic.
25. I was a Resident Assistant in college. My friend Raylynn and I would get in trouble from the other RA's for being too loud at night. Oops!
26. I don't like sleeping by myself. Whenever my husband is out of town for work (which is fairly frequently) I usually stay up super late watching TV until I'm exhausted and then go to bed. I'm too tired to think about the fact that I'm alone.
27. I moved to California to follow a boy. A month after I moved here, we broke up. I met my husband about 18 months later.
28. My husband and I got engaged after 6 weeks of dating. We were engaged for only 8 months when we got married. Crazy? Maybe. But it was the best decision I ever made. :)
29. I got Mono 6 weeks after we got married. I had to work from home for the next 3 months. We never found out how I got it - my husband never got sick, and I wasn't kissing anyone else!
30. My favorite cake is lemon with lemon frosting. Although the past few birthdays I've rather enjoyed ice cream cake. But it's hard to find one without chocolate (see #15).

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Creative Party Treat Ideas

I love parties, but I have a super hard time trying to come up with treats to serve. I usually end up throwing fruit in a bowl, putting out a bag of Chex mix and adding juice boxes. I'm really not so creative! Check out these creative treat ideas I found. Of course, some of them came from a themed party, but who says you couldn't serve them all? This is coming from a women who had a waffle bar, horchata and samosas all at my wedding reception brunch. I'm a little eclectic, what can I say?

Check out these awesome lego cookies from Catch My Party. So cute!

Rice Krispie Dragons from Party Pinching. See the tutorial here.

Check out these awesome peanut butter and jelly cookie sandwiches from Delish.

For a healthier option, check out this Butterfly Fruit Pizza tutorial from Hungry Happenings.

How about these adorable Caterpillar Kebobs from A Pinteresting Life?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August FREE Printable #3 - Cupcake Toppers

I hope everyone enjoyed last week's FREE Printable! This week, I designed coordinating cupcake toppers that match last week's cupcake wrapper printables. They turned out so cute! Your choice of pink, aqua or yellow. To get these, simply click on the image and save to your desktop. Print on standard 8.5 x 11 white card stock. To assemble, please see instructions below:

Assembly Instructions
Cut out circles along all solid lines (You could also use a 1.5 x 1.5 inch circle paper punch). Glue a toothpick to the white side of the patterned circle. Then glue the white side of the cupcake circle onto the toothpick circle. Wait until dry and insert into frosted cupcake. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Color Palettes I'm Loving: Turquoise, Coral, Red and Buttercup

I first saw this color palette as I was looking for inspiration for the Vintage Carnival Invitations I was designing earlier this year.  I loved the idea of using all these bold color together. Unfortunately, (for me!) the bride didn't share the same vision for her wedding and wanted only shades of pinks and reds. I figured it was her wedding and two out of my four wasn't bad, so we went with what she wanted. ;)

But I was reminded of this color palette as I was going through my inspiration folder the other night. Oh how I still love it! Although the summer is quickly fading, these deep, rich colors are surely still appropriate for a late summer/early fall wedding. Here are some ideas for a wedding using this color palette and not a carnival theme wedding.

Seriously, how awesome is that cake and those invitations? LOVE!

photo via

dresses via flowers via

photo via
photo via

Monday, August 13, 2012

How to Make Your Own Chalkboard: A Tutorial

I have been really wanting a chalkboard! I wanted it to hang in my office to write reminders on. My husband bought me a white erase board and I used it for a while. Until my munchkins broke it, that is. I really just prefer a plain old chalkboard; I guess it's a throwback to my teaching days. I decided to make one myself.

STEP 1: Pick out a picture frame. I selected this frame only because it was already hard surface/frame all-in-one.  If you choose a regular picture frame, you'll simply have to do the following steps on the plywood that's cut to fit the frame you've chosen. I purchased this at Joann's on clearance for $9. It doesn't matter the print on it, it will be covered up.

Step 2: Tape the edges. Since I had an all-in-one hard surface/frame, I taped the edges so the frame would retain the original shiny black and not become part of the chalkboard. If you are using plywood, you'll just skip this step and instead sand down the plywood making sure there are not any rough edges so that the paint will be smooth.

Step 3: Spray a light coat of chalkboard paint onto your board using long consistent strokes in one direction. Be careful not to spray too thick or it will bubble and create a rough surface when dry. Let paint dry for a couple of hours. Spray another coat on going in the opposite grain. Repeat steps until you have completely covered the board. Once you've completed the paint layers, let board dry for 24 hours.

Step 4: You need to prime the paint now. Using chalk, color all surfaces of the board. Make sure you go out to all the edges. I used sidewalk chalk since it's thick and therefore covered more area in less time. Once it's wiped off you'll see it looks more like a chalkboard.

Step 5: Using a soft cloth, wipe off the chalk. You will see the chalkboard/slate clearly now!

Step 6: Place the board into the frame and hang up. You will not need the glass. Make sure to discard of that safely or recycle into another craft project like my What's for Dinner? meal planning freebie. Hang up the frame wherever you desire! Yay!

My daughter loved "supervising" all the steps to this chalkboard. Since you have to wait for the paint to dry it was a process that took a few days to complete. She was really sad when I told her it was for Mommy's office and not for her bedroom. But she did pose happily underneath it for me!

Friday, August 10, 2012

5 Minute Fridays: Our Giveaway Sponsors

I'm so grateful to all of our giveaway sponsors! I thought I'd take a minute to introduce a few of them once more.  I asked them each a few questions so we could get to know them a little bit better.

Don't forget to enter the Birthday Bash Giveaway! It runs now through August 23!

Kim from From My Life to Yours 

Q: How long have you been in business? 
A: 2 years.
Q: What is your inspiration?
A: Everything around me.
Q: What is your favorite birthday memory?
A: I have so many with my family I can not pin point just one. They all have a special place in my heart.

Francesca from The Shop at Pooh Corner

Q: How long have you been in business? 
A: Since January 2012.
Q: What is your inspiration?
A: I get most of my inspiration from childhood memories.
Q: What is your favorite birthday memory?
A: My favorite birthday memory was when my four best friends (who all live out of state) surprised me for my 22nd birthday. I felt so loved!

Tracy from Lily Gene Prints

Q: How long have you been in business? 
A: Since January 2011.
Q: What is your inspiration?
A: I love to create and discover new things. Living in various places from big cities to beach towns, each place has influenced my passion for art.
Q: What is your favorite birthday memory?
A: My 5th birthday. It was my one and only surprise party. It still puts a smile on my face 24 years later. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Birthday Bash Giveaway! (August 9-23)

Today I am so excited to announce our Birthday Bash Giveaway! The giveaway will run August 9-23. There are 4 awesome shops participating with a combined value of over $75. See the details below:

1. Item: One of a kind little girls apron skirt  (waist size 19 inch)
Name: Kim
Shop:  From My Life to Yours  

2. Item: Purple Ceramic Necklace
Name: Carol Christiansen

3. Item: Yellow Polka Dot Confetti: 200 Mini Hearts
Name: Francesca Nishimoto

4. Item: Customized Your Home Is Where The Heart Is State 8x10 Print
Name: Tracy Weston

To enter there are only three easy steps. First, become a follower of E Hernandez Designs blog. Second, go to each of the Etsy shops, look through their items and pick your favorite ones. (you won't be able to see the Shop at Pooh Corner until next week since the owner is on vacation. An alternate question has been entered). Last, fill out the information in the form below. It's that simple! The winner will be selected randomly using on August 24 and notified within 72 hours. Giveaway is open to US Resident only. Prizes will be shipped by each individual vendor. Please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping.

Good luck!

Disclaimer : Giveaway Item ship directly from the sponsors. As such, E Hernandez Designs will not be held responsible for lost or damaged packages or the quality of the product, but will do everything possible to mediate, should an issue arise. E Hernandez Designs reserves the right to modify a giveaway deadline and/or end a giveaway early without prior notice. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the winner. Entrants and winner agree that the giveaway entities shall not be liable for any damages, losses, or injury resulting from the acceptance or use of any prize.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August FREE Printable #2 - Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake with Pink Plaid wrapper

Most of you know by now that I love cupcakes! What better way to make 'em pretty than with cupcake wrappers? I've designed 3 different colors/patterns for you to choose from. Blue & green flowers, pink plaid and yellow gingham plaid.

To get these FREE Cupcake Wrapper Printables, click on the image and save to your desktop. Print on white standard 8.5 x 11 paper or card stock. Cut along the solid lines. Secure together on ends with clear or double sided tape. Put in a cupcake and voila!