Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free Fonts!

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I remember back in the day when my parents still owned a typewriter just like the one in the photo. And "typewriter" was the only font available. In high school and college all my papers had to be 12 point Times New Roman font. As an adult and a stationery designer, I'm so glad there are now many more font options available!

Let's be honest, I am always looking for new fonts. Free fonts are even better. And free fonts that can be used for personal and commercial use = jackpot! Check out these free fonts from Kevin & Amanda. Amanda has created a "line" of fonts called Fonts for Peas. She collects handwritten writing samples and turns it into a digital font. It's seriously the coolest idea ever! Want your own font? Click here for details! Want to use these fun fonts on your blog or webpage? Get instructions here.

Happy writing typing!

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