Monday, July 23, 2012

Christmas in July Sale!

A few weekends ago we decided to go shopping. I had gotten a gift card and I wanted to spend it on my girls. I recently discovered the awesome children's section at H&M. So, we packed the kids in the car and drove 35 minutes to the nearest store.

Immediately my husband sees these adorable sundresses for the girls. They were so cute! We tried them on and they fit perfectly. Best of all, they were on sale for $9.99 each. Such a great deal! The dresses had some shimmery gold stitching running though and so we set out to find some gold ballet flats for the girls (also on sale!).

In the meantime, my oldest had picked out the accessories she wanted to match the outfit along with some other items. NONE of which I was planning to purchase. I didn't realize she had amassed quite the collection of items until we were about to go to the registers. Ugh. You can see where this is going. We tried to explain to C why we were not going to buy everything in the store. She freaks out. Yes, we were that family with that kid.

We've been watching old episodes of Super Nanny and have been trying to be better about sticking to the only one warning and then time out (or privilege removed) routine. I warn her, but she continues to freak out. All the items go back on the rack - including the cute dresses and shoes we spent so much time picking out. Boo. I was sad! It's not often that I enjoy shopping, but I was really excited to buy those outfits. But alas, consistency and follow through are important. We packed the kids back in the car and drove the 35 minutes back home. Epic shopping trip FAIL.

We got home and put the kids to bed. Later, I peek in to check on the girls and I hear C telling her baby dolls, "Maybe if I can be a better listening girl, and not have a tantrum, we can still ask Santa for my bracelets." Funniest moment of my night!

So, in honor of my sweet little C, we're offering a Christmas in July sale! We're offering, for a limited time only, 30% off all items in the shop! Check it out here!! Sale runs now through Thursday!

Happy Shopping!

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