Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Background Blog Design

E Hernandez Designs blog background

I wish I knew Photoshop better! I'm sure that's funny to hear coming from a stationery designer, but I've always preferred Illustrator. It seems to just work better for what I want to do. But, I know there are a ton of awesome things Photoshop can do. But since I don't know it very well (I am actually currently taking a class online in Photoshop, though. Maybe after the class is over I'll be a pro?), I relied on my tried and true method for getting things done. I googled.

In my search, I ran across this amazing blogger named Amanda. Her blog, Kevin & Amanda is seriously this awesome collection of useful information. She has tips on blogging and scrapbooking, recipes, tutorials, photography, giveaways, and the list goes on an on of the amazing stuff she blogs about. I love her site.

I found this post about how to make a scrapbook blog background. Of course, my blog isn't a scrapbook blog, but the basic design ideas apply. I really just needed someone to show me what sizes I needed to make for the different elements and how to upload, adjust html codes, etc. If you're thinking about re-designing your blog and want to do it yourself, or if you just want a really cool blog with a plethora of good ideas, hop on over to her blog. You'll be glad you did!

Happy Wednesday!

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