Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Princess and Pirate Birthday Party

This past weekend we finally celebrated C's birthday. I can't believe my little girl is 4. I feel so old...

I wanted to share the photos with everyone so that you can see how the elements of the Princess and Pirates theme were used throughout the party. I'm so pleased with how everything turned out! Well, mostly. I tried to make the cake and I struggled with the fondant on the birthday cake, but that's why I'm a stationery designer and not a Pastry Chef! Please don't judge me for that. :)

Since I know from experience that kids are grumpy around lunchtime, and the party began at 11 am, we served a very simple bag lunch. It also gave the kids something to do while the others were arriving. Next to the bags was the menu which matched the invitations. I changed the signs that the little characters were holding to say "peanut butter & jelly" or "just jelly" and printed them on the lunch bags. I did this on my home computer and my laser printer. It looked awesome and was such a cute personal touch. 

For the cake design, I sent my sister a copy of the invitation and let her work her magic. I gave her complete creative license and she did such an amazing job! She created little clothespin dolls that resembled the little figures of the princess and pirate from the invitation. I added the candle treasure chest and a homemade palm tree. The palm tree was made out of  a stick pretzel (trunk) white chocolate, dyed green, covered stick gum (leaves) and junior mint (coconut). It was much taller, but ended up being a little top heavy and so we had to squish it into the cake so it wouldn't fall over. Again, don't judge.  I covered the cake with ready-made fondant and used blue colored icing for the waves around the crushed vanilla wafer sand. 

We had a treasure hunt where the kids got accessories that added to the costumes they came wearing. We found tiaras, wands, necklaces, bracelets, eye patches, swords (foam of course!) hook hands, and pirate sashes. They were all so cute! Unfortunately since I was directing the treasure hunt, I didn't get any pictures.

We finished the party off with the word's most indestructible piƱata. Seriously. After 4 rounds of the kids hitting it, my husband had to rip it open. The kids left with more candy than Halloween and all their accessories. It was a big success! I wonder what we can do next year to top it?

Birthday Girl!

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  1. Love the design Emma-
    very cute! It looks like you guys had fun!