Monday, June 4, 2012

Berry Almond Muffins

I am a meal planner. I don't like doing it, but it saves me money (we're big budgeters) and it also saves me the "what's for dinner?"  question day after day after day. When I started meal planning I wanted to make sure that I was including a variety of healthy and delicious meals for my family. I stumbled across this website called Eating Well. It has some really awesome features! I like it so well that I print out their recipes (the ones I like) and put them into a binder labeled "Healthy Low Calorie Recipes". It has become one of my favorite cookbooks.

Last week I had planned to make dinner but didn't realize until I was about to start cooking that my girls had eaten all of one of the main ingredients for the meal I was planning. I had to quickly come up with something else. It wasn't too difficult because our fall back meal is always breakfast. The kids (and me!) love having breakfast for dinner.

I looked in my "Healthy Low Calorie Recipes" cookbook and whipped out these amazing muffins. I added scrambled eggs, yogurt and juice. It was such a yummy dinner, and with these muffins only 220 calories and 6 g of protein per serving, maybe we'll have breakfast for dinner more often! Click the link for the recipe.  Berry-Almond Quick Bread.

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