Monday, May 14, 2012

Hair Donation

I've always wanted to donate my hair for very personal reasons.  When I was ten-years-old I was diagnosed with lymphoma. My parents were told I had only months to live and intensive and immediate chemotherapy was the only option to try to prolong my life. Miraculously, mere hours after I was given that grim prognosis, doctors returned to my parents again. I didn't have lymphoma as the previously thought, but I had a very rare and potentially lethal form of a usually non-deadly illness. I had histoplasmosis of the digestive system and it had spread to my lymphatic system. It was quickly progressing to disseminated histoplasmosis.

 I still needed very intensive and immediate treatment. I spent the next few months in the hospital and then a few more at home receiving treatment via home health care. I was a very sick little girl. During my recovery I often roomed with children who were suffering from various illnesses, injuries and cancers. I did not lose my hair, but many of my roommates and friends did. I knew one day I wanted to help. I spent several months volunteering at Children's Hospital of Central California a few years ago, (until it was too much having a young baby) but I've still always wanted to donate my hair. As you all know I cut my hair last week and the ponytail of cut hair measures about 13-14 inches, which was long enough to donate.

I looked into the various charities to donate my hair to and I settled on Wigs for Kids. I really felt that this charity was the best one to donate considering my experience as a child.  It's this awesome charity that was founded by Jeffrey Paul after his niece began losing her hair following treatment for leukemia. Paul was a successful hairdresser and his niece wanted a wig for gymnastics tryouts. The charity was born! It's really an incredible story! For more information or to donate your hair or make a monetary donation click here.

I know not all of us can donate hair, but there are various ways we can all make a difference in the world and communities we live in. I encourage all of you to find a way that you can make a difference. Please donate your time, money, hair, skills, anything necessary to help our children have a better future! What are some ways in which you "give back"?

Happy Monday!

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  1. oh emma! you are so amazing! i love reading your blog.. you are such a strong person and I LOVE your example!