Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Princess Grace & Dutchess Catherine Wedding Gown Inspiration

56 years ago today, on April 18, 1956, American actress Grace Kelly married Rainer III, Prince of Monaco. She tragically died in September 1982 after an automobile accident. However, her style legacy still lives on. Her dress was designed by MGM's Academy Award winning wardrobe designer Helen Rose. 

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We all remember just one year go when Kate Middleton married Prince William. It was truly the magical fairytale wedding of our generation. Just as, I'm sure, Grace Kelly's marriage to Prince Rainier III was in her generation. Princess Catherine (as she is now called) had her dress designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. 

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Do you LOVE the dresses as much as I do? Unfortunately, we can't all have someone customize our wedding dress like theirs at a price we can afford.  So, I have done a little research and I have some alternatives for you!

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These dresses are a beautiful alternative to custom design and a pretty darn good match to both Princess Catherine and Princess Grace's gowns. is selling a Kate Middleton replica dress which retails $409.99 USD. For this of you who can make your own dress, or know someone who can, is selling this pattern that is a pretty close match of Kate's dress. It retails for $10.75 USD. And for those of you who have been dying for's new wedding dress line, you can now purchase Kate's replica dress from them. It retails $2,500 USD. 

Hope your wedding is the beginning of your happily ever after. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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