Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nature "exploration walk"

This has been a long few weeks, that's for sure. My hubby got a new job and so the whole family relocated to our new little home. I LOVE the location! We are close to a park (literally 2 blocks away!) and 2 blocks from a beautiful lake that has a jogging trail. Too bad it's raining today. I had big plans for spending the day outdoors.

Speaking of being outdoors, a couple of days ago I took the girls on an "exploration walk". I gave them buckets and just let them collect whatever they wanted. This was definitely a test of patience for me. Ever give an almost 4-year-old and an almost 2-year-old a bucket and say ok, do whatever? Talk about walking at slower than a snails pace. BUT THEY LOVED IT! That is, until my little one fell on the sidewalk and scraped her hand and I ended up carrying her and the bucket (full of mostly rocks) back home. But, I digress. They loved the freedom just to explore. Also, it was nice just to let them be. The trend and tendency I see these days is to over schedule your kids. Kids need time to just play and be kids, scrapes and all. I think we'll make that a regular activity for us.

Above is a great article about helping your kids develop a love for science. One activity they suggest is taking your toddlers/kids on nature walks. Who knew I was instilling a love for science? I just thought a nice walk was in order after a long morning of unpacking and organizing. Score!

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