Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Little Army Princess

My 3-year-old daughter was invited to her cousin's birthday party. He is turning 6 and wanted the theme to be "Army". They asked that the kids come wearing something camouflage. My girl is as rough and tumble as they come. She loves digging in the dirt and playing with trucks. I thought she would absolutely LOVE the idea of being an "army guy" for this party. I was DEAD WRONG. We set off to the thrift store looking for something she could wear for this party. We found a couple of pairs of pants and some shirts in the typical green camouflage, which she absolutely refused to wear. She told me that she was an Army Princess and Army Princesses do not wear green. My kid seriously cracks me up!

I didn't know what to do. So, I was at JoAnn's Fabrics (getting supplies for this absolutely fabulous craft I'll blog about next week!) and I happened to find a pink camouflage bandana. I cut the bandana in half and sewed a seam into it. I added drawstring and made it into a cute "Army Princess" skirt for her to wear to the party. It turned out so cute!

(Please forgive the terrible photo!)

My little "Army Princess"!

The party was a huge success! My sister-in-law did such an awesome job with the decorations and games. There was an obstacle course, cupcakes decorated with plastic army guys, an army jeep piƱata, and as a party favor, a little dog-tag bracelet with the kids' names written on them. So cute! Everyone had a ton of fun, especially my little "Army Princess" :)

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