Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Homemade Valentine Cards and February Printable

I LOVE Valentine's Day. I love the decorations, the candy, the way it makes people feel loving. It is one of my favorite holidays. I loved handing out little Valentine Cards when I was a kid. Every year we would make our own. We'd spend hours pouring over magazines and trying to think up cute sayings like "I'm over the moon for you, Valentine" or "Smile, it's Valentine's Day!" They were super cheesy, but it was a project I really looked forward to year after year. Since it was so much fun for me, I wanted to pass along the tradition to my girls.  This past week, we've been making Valentine cards. We've been hanging them on the back of the front door for their Daddy to see when he gets home from work. Since the girls insist that Daddy is their Valentine. (I love that!) Before the the big day, I think the whole front door might be covered!

Also, since I love Valentine's Day so much and it happens to be in the month of February, I have a gift! February's printable is 3 simple (but cute!) Valentine cards. Simply click on the JPEG file below. It should come up in a new window, then save to your desktop. The file is 8.5 x 11, so print as many as you would like on standard card stock (recommended), and cut along the black outline. (The dotted line is the fold line.) Put your own message on the inside, or leave as is. If you use it, please be so kind and leave a comment. Thanks, and Happy February!

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