Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January Free Printable

Hey ya'll!

January is usually about new beginnings, new goals and resolutions. One of my resolutions EVERY year is to get organized. Well, January's printable will help you do that! It is a meal planning calendar! When my husband and I first got married we were having a hard time being on the same page about meals. We found that we both would go shopping and buy the same ingredients or if we didn't plan correctly, we would use an ingredient the other had planned to use. So, my sweet husband came up with this great idea! He created a re-writable dinner calendar magnet that hangs on our fridge. Now we plan our meals every 2 weeks. That way we always know what is for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It saves us $ by planning ahead and avoids the "Who used all the butter?" argument.

     See the well-used and well-loved calendar a la my husband above. (Complete with my meal plans! Ha!)

To get this free printable, left click on the picture and choose "save image as". Save to your desktop and print! Printable is 8x10, so it will easily print on regular paper. Instructions to turn it into a re-writable magnet are included.

Happy Eating!

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